Monica Bellucci Nude - Malèna (2000) HD 1080p

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Description: Monica Bellucci of "The Matrix: Reloaded" fame showing some great cleavage in a black dress as she does some sewing. She then stands up and walks over to a record player, where she bends over and her right breast pops free. We then see some more cleavage from Monica in the dress as she walks around, and finally is seen naked in silhouette when she goes upstairs and pulls the dress off. 

Monica Bellucci is having a guy pull off her bra so that she's fully nude, giving us a good look at her breasts and bush while standing naked in front of him. 

A quick clip of Monica Bellucci bending down, her dress disappearing to give us a bare view of her ass.

Italian actress Monica Bellucci is seen in a series of black and white fantasy sequences - first spinning around and ripping open her shirt to reveal her breasts, and then sitting in bed as a guy pulls off her shirt, and then finally being held in a guy's arms while topless. 

Monica Bellucci is showing her left breast briefly when a guy pulls down her dress and pushes her back on a bed to put his head between her breasts, as seen from the view of a kid watching through a gap in the wall. 

Monica Bellucci is pulling down her dress to go topless as she leans over a bowl and begins to wash her breasts with water and lemon juice. 

Monica Bellucci is wearing a blonde wig and topless when in a guy's lap at a sex party where we see a few other women topless too and the scene changes to a kaleidoscope view (in which we get one final look at Monica's breasts).

Monica Bellucci is being carried into the street, her pants pulled down to reveal her bush, and then being attacked by a group of women as her breasts come out of her shirt. We then see her breasts again while they cut her hair while she sits on the street. Caution: a somewhat bloody scene. 

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